Do These 3 Things and I Promise, You Will Earn Customer Loyalty. Pinky Swear.

It turns out I am pretty amazing in the kitchen. A few weeks ago I made caramelized veggie skewers with herby couscous. It was good. Like, slap your mama good.

Caramelized Veggie Skewers-with Summer Corn Relish and Herby Couscous

On Saturday afternoon while my husband and son played NBA2K on PS4 and my daughter danced with her earphones blasting, I had my own fun by making crispy citrus tofu with smoky black beans, mango salsa and farro. My husband loved this dish. He said this is his favorite vegan dish. Chef Myra takes a bow

Crispy Citrus Tofu 

Most of my life I was just okay in the kitchen. I didn’t get complaints, but I didn’t get a lot of compliments either. But that all changed when I found Hello Fresh. More about Hello Fresh in a minute.

Research my team and I have done has found that customer loyalty is achieved when 3 criteria are met. The service experience must:

  1. Meet the needs of the customer
  2. Be easy
  3. Be enjoyable

If the customer gets their needs met, the company is easy to do business with and the customer enjoys the experience, the customer is likely to be loyal. Not only loyal, but they are likely to share their experience with a friend, colleague or family member.

So, about Hello Fresh. My husband got a $40 off gift card from Hello Fresh when he ordered athletic outfits for our son from Eastbay. I know, a food service gift card from an athletic store. But anyway, he gave me the gift card and I placed my first order with Hello Fresh. I will use as a discussion topic for how to achieve customer loyalty using my 3 points from above. My order below will not flow with the above and that’s okay.

1. Easy Customer Experience

Signing up was easy. With one click I was able to select the vegetarian option. And the following Thursday, a box of recipes and perfectly proportioned ingredients for vegetarian meals was delivered to my door. The service experience so far was easy.

Hello Fresh

The recipes are step-by-step, include graphics and are easy to follow.


I signed up for weekly meal delivery, but I can’t really get meals weekly because of business travel and occasional vacations. When I need to pause meal delivery, all I have to do is click a button on the Hello Fresh app or website that says “pause.” It takes like 2 seconds. Easy as pie.

2. Customer Needs are Met

My goal, or need, with this company was to prepare healthy, gourmet, jaw-dropping good vegetarian meals for my family. I also wanted to reduce the number of times per week we eat out and I wanted to spend less time at the grocery store. Since I’ve been getting meals from Hello Fresh, we almost never eat out. I only have to pick up a few items at the grocery store weekly. My goals and needs were 100% met.


3. Enjoyable Customer Experience

Was my experience with Hello Fresh enjoyable? Oh my goodness, yes! Hello Fresh sends me easy to follow recipes, all of the ingredients, and because the ingredients are perfectly proportioned, there is no waste. I enjoy not having to go to the grocery store as often. I enjoy not spending much money eating out. I enjoy cooking gourmet meals that satisfy my husband and result in lavish compliments. I enjoy the experience of cooking. It’s like creating art for me. Seriously.

After a couple of months of experiencing enjoyment, ease of use and having my needs met, Hello Fresh has won my loyalty. The formula for customer loyalty is simple. Just meet your customers’ needs, be easy to do business with, and make sure your customers enjoy their experience with you, your service or your products. When you do, loyalty will become a part of “the way business is done around here.”

Tonight I made Smoky Black Bean and Caramelized Sweet Potato Tacos.  If you’re interested in having gourmet meals delivered to your door, you might want to give Hello Fresh a try. They offer both classic and vegetarian meals. Save $40 on your first order with my code 5VNUYC at



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