Solve Your Biggest Problems with Coaching Employees

“My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better.”

~ Steve Jobs


It’s a fact. Most managers don’t give employees the constructive feedback they need in order to develop and grow.

Some managers shy away from conflict. Perhaps they hope the problem will correct itself. Many fear getting a difficult to handle response from the employee.

We never want to admit it, but some managers want to be “friends” with their employees and this “friendship” keeps them from giving constructive feedback their employees need. And then there are those who just wait until the annual performance review to lay it all on the employee.

Why are managers so ineffective when it comes to giving constructive feedback?

It’s simple really. Managers never learned exactly how to assertively address unacceptable performance. And let’s face it; giving constructive feedback about a person’s performance can be a little intimidating.

Sit down with me on Friday, February  1, 2019, at 1:00 pm ET for a 45-minute discussion on how you coach your employees.

This training event is about executing a handful of solid coaching techniques so you can lead your team to deliver a consistently fantastic service experience. 

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

3 Steps to Getting Over Your Fear of Coaching

A 2-minute Exercise to Help You Feel Confident and Powerful Before Having Tough Talks

Discover How to Frame Conversations In Such A Way That You Don’t Sound Nit-picky

4 Questions To Ask Yourself to Make Sure You’re Fair, Consistent, and Impersonal When You Give Feedback

The Response Formula You Need To Use When Employees Make Excuses, Whine, or Play the Blame Game

A 6-Step Template For Exactly How to Address Unacceptable Behavior or Performance

An Easy 2-Step Conversation Starter for Talking About Smaller, Yet Important, Performance Issues

Bonus Takeaway: 9-Steps for Coaching Customer Service Employees In Contact Centers

After our discussion you will receive:

  • 15-minute Q & A
  • Video recording of webinar
  • Take-away packet with resources to help you design or refine your coaching strategy. 

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Coaching Employees (Live webinar with Myra Golden)


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