Everything Contact Center Managers Need to Know About Quality Call Center Monitoring – On-Demand Video

Quality Call Center Monitoring – On-Demand Video 

Fine-tune your call monitoring program. Pick up vital new skills in quality contact center monitoring.

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In contact centers, a robust quality call monitoring program makes all the difference. A poorly conceived plan can result in de-motivated agents, frustrated supervisors, wasted time, and no improvements in quality. Join me for this encore presentation of a blockbuster webinar where you get cutting-edge advice on every aspect of setting up or fine-tuning your quality call monitoring program from the monitoring form to measurements to coaching to monitoring methods.

Call Monitoring Agenda: 

The Monitoring Form: Simple tips and tricks that will position you to design (or enhance) your form like a pro! 

  • I’ll explain the five essential and straightforward components you MUST have on your monitoring form
  • Benchmark monitoring forms from superstar call centers
  • You’ll even get a sample email correspondence monitoring form
  • We’ll examine how to efficiently use Yes/No and Numerical scoring

With the discussion and information from the webinar, we are ready to get started and have even scheduled our first meeting to get it underway!

Debbie Riley, Consumer Affairs Supervisor, Giant Landover

Taking the Madness Out of the Method: What is the best way to monitor agents?

  • Get answers to your most pressing questions like “how often should we monitor?” and “how many calls do we need to monitor?”
  • Explore the 3 most useful call monitoring methods, including the pros and cons of each approach
  • Don’t get left behind…review cutting-edge advancements in call monitoring technology
  • Get more out of your monitoring software: Explore new trends in multiple
  • Get my resource list on the best call monitoring software packages on the market
  • Bonus:  I’ll supply you with a link to 100 questions you MUST ask any and all potential vendors of an automated quality monitoring system…proactively asking these questions can keep you from investing in a solution that is not a good fit for your needs and spare you from many sleepless nights and headaches down the road.

Making Sense of Measurements


  • Learn to distinguish between styles and standards so that your evaluations are legally sound and fair (not to mention, more comfortable on you)
  • Establish clear, valid and measurable performance standards
  • Find out what’s off limits for measuring in quality monitoring and why

Your seminar has given me the tools to build {a} new incentive program.  I’m sure that my operators will appreciate the scoring process as well as the incentives.  I will appreciate the opportunity to be a better coach.

Jeri Chandler, Ivie & Associates, Inc.

Overcoming One of the Biggest Threats to Effective Coaching and Getting Agent Buy-In to Monitoring

  • I’ll reveal the one –and only- solution to solving the problem of inconsistent coaching among contact center supervisors
  • Explore 7 field-tested and proven tips (straight from the world-class centers of some of my clients) for overcoming agent resistance
  • We will review 8 common objections agents have to monitoring, and I’ll tell you exactly how to respond to every one of them

All About Calibration: Getting Every Supervisor On the Same Page: Nipping the consistency challenge in the bud


  • Find out why it so easy for every supervisor to see (and rate) calls differently —and discovery what you can do about it
  • You’ll  get my 6-step easy method for holding productive calibration sessions that will ENSURE consistency among all supervisors who coach
  • Learn to distinguish between styles and standards so that your evaluations are legally sound and fair (not to mention, more comfortable on you)

Exceptional Value

Wondering how my registration fee compares to others? The  Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals currently has a seminar available called Monitoring and Coaching for Improved Call Center Performance. It is offered at 8 locations throughout the US at various times during the year.  The cost is $1,475 per person. If you had five supervisors attend, it would cost you $7,375, plus the travel expenses of each supervisor. My webinar delivers the same relevant content for a mere $299 for an UNLIMITED number of participants.

Quality Call Center Monitoring

Fine-tune your call monitoring program

Pick up vital new skills in quality call monitoring 

On-demand. Immediate download. Immediate viewing. Save and have it forever.

Download fee: $299. Purchase now.

“I really do love your webinars, Myra. They are very well done and extremely beneficial. I always find little helpful hints in your information.”

Kristy L. Bolen
Project Manager
Carlson Hotels Worldwide