What It’s Like to Attend a Myra Golden Keynote –> DFW Airport Women’s Conference (WIN) 2016

I loved speaking at the 2016 DFW Airport Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) Conference. We had more than 600 beautiful, talented and driven women in attendance. I truly enjoyed working with the executives at DFW Airport to design this special keynote to focus on taking the customer experience to the next level.


After my keynote, the ladies blessed me with hugs, invitations to be in selfies, conversations, smiles and promises to stay in touch. I felt so welcome, so apart of this network of strong professional women.

KEynote 3

This is an event and a company that I’ll always hold dear. Thank you ladies of DFW. You truly blessed me.

Keynote 2

We both look shiny and I think it’s from the lighting….or maybe we were glowing from such a great day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.07.33 PM

Myra Golden Keynote DFW Airport

Reaction from a DFW WIN Attendee

Myra Golden Testimonial