3 Things I Learned About the Customer Experience During my Hike in the Albuquerque White Mesas

My family and I vacationed out west last week. We went to Albuquerque, spent 3 days there, then went on to Phoenix.

We took a tram up to the top of Mount Sandia, we toured Sedona, went off road in a Jeep to hike the White Mesas; we visited a museum, spent a full day at the Grand Canyon, and we had some fantastic food. My husband chose all of the restaurants, insisting only on local cuisine. He even made sure to select vegetarian-friendly spots for me.

Out of all of our experiences out west, my single favorite experience was the White Mesa Jeep Tour with New Mexico Jeep Tours. It was my ideal standout experience because of the company, New Mexico Jeep Tours, gave my family and me a phenomenal customer experience.

If you’ve been to one of my keynotes or training sessions, you’ve heard me talk about the 3 Elements of the Best Possible Customer Experience. The 3 Elements create what I call “The Way of Harmony.”

The idea is to get in harmony with what your customers expect, need and deserve. When you’re in balance, you are in the perfect position to deliver the best possible customer experience.

New Mexico Jeep Tours delivered on each of the 3 Elements, and I want to talk to you about how they did that.

My 3 Elements of Harmony for the Best Possible Customer Experience are:

  1. Easy
  2. Engaging
  3. Enjoyable

Here’s how New Mexico Jeep Tours delivered a phenomenal customer experience using the 3 Elements.


 A crucial aspect of the customer experience is it has to be easy for the customer. It has to be easy for the customer to get their needs met. Easy for them to reach a live person; easy to complete a transaction; easy to find something on your website.

Our needs for this Jeep Tour were merely to have fun, experience something new and to experience Albuquerque uniquely. Those requirements were entirely and efficiently met.

A vital need I had was I wanted to take photos. Photography is my passion. Clint, our Tour Guide, quickly “got” that taking pictures was the most important thing to me. He was incredibly patient with me. He even pointed out things that I would want to stop and capture. He really let me determine what I wanted the experience to be.

Sunset in Alburquerque

Rather than sticking rigidly to a plan, he let me, the customer, lead the way. This allowed me to make the experience what I needed it to be – and this allowed me to be enchanted with the entire experience.

New Mexico Jeep Tours White Mesa


The customer experience needs to be engaging. Clint was definitely engaging. He took the time to establish rapport, he talked to us; he showed genuine interest in each of us.

Most of all, Clint was passionate. He truly loved the mesas, the ancient ruins, and the fossils. He liked what he did. And in his passion, he pulled us in; engaged us. This gave us a great experience.

Clint of New Mexico Jeep Tours


I enjoyed this tour! It was scenic, majestic, breathtaking. We hiked through sandstone cliffs, ancient ruins, and painted deserts.

We were in a Jeep Wrangler doing some serious off-roading! My son and I loved that; my daughter, not so much. We were on the lookout for rattlesnakes, we learned so much. The tour was private, just my family. I captured some fantastic images. The sunset was stunning. I enjoyed every second of this 3-hour trip.

New Mexico Jeep Tours.jpg

When customers enjoy their experience with you; you’ve tapped into their emotions. This is what makes the customer experience remarkable and memorable.

The Bottom Line

Focus on the 3 Elements of the Best Possible Customer Experience. Be easy to do business with; make it easy for your customers to get their needs met. Engage your customers through warmth and friendliness and passion. Make the experience enjoyable.

When you do, you’ll be in harmony with what your customers need, expect and deserve – and you’ll be correctly positioned to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Myra Golden is a customer experience keynote speaker and trainer who travels North America looking for great stories to share, and new ways to help her clients deliver the best possible customer experience.

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