Fitbit’s Chat Experience is the Best I’ve Seen In Awhile


My Fitbit bejeweled with Sterling Silver and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

I wear a Fitbit to track my steps. My daily step goal is 12,000 steps and most days I exceed that. Last Friday during a full day workshop in Austin, I got 8,000 steps just during the training. No kidding! I talk with my hands and I move constantly, so the high step count doesn’t surprise me.

I love my Fitbit. Two weeks ago, my Fitbit band broke. It just split in half. So, I went to Fitbit’s website and opened up a chat. Jomar at Fitbit helped me out.

Jomar opened the chat with, “I’m sorry to hear about the damage to your fitbit band. Rest assured, I’ll do my best to help.”

Ahhh… I loved that!

Then he said, “To get started, may I know the email address associated with your account?”

I gave him my email address and then he said, “Please allow me a moment to check your account.”

After a little time passed, Jomar said, “Almost done checking. While checking, may I know your country of residence?”

The great news is my Fitbit was covered under warranty and when I heard this I said, “Yay!” Jomar then said, “I’m glad to know I can get you back on track with a replacement to Flex’s band.”

Jomar at Fitbit was excellent. The chat was personalized, he remained engaged, Jomar effectively made an emotional connection with me and the chat was short and sweet.

My Fitbit chat experience got me thinking about something I do all of the time.

Companies ask me all of the time for help with their chat experience.

One of the things I do in my practice is write chat pre-scripted shortcuts for my clients. My work usually starts with me reviewing a large sample of chat interactions for the company and that is where I decide to throw out all rote and un-friendly chat shortcuts.

Then, I custom create a chat flow and pre-scripted phrases that reflect the brand’s voice. Once I get the brand voice down, my chat strategy follows 4 steps.

The 4 steps ensure that the chat experience is friendly, personalized, reduces customer effort and moves the chat to a positive closure.

Jomar’s excellent example gave me the idea to design a short online training on how I help my clients deliver the best chat experience. Just like Jomar did for me. If your team needs help improving the chat experience, take a look at my Chat Course, which is part of my online training library.