7 Comebacks for the Customer Who Cusses at You

To get straight to the 7 Comebacks for the Customer Who Cusses at You, head to the end of this post. I won’t be offended at all. But if you have a minute, I’d like to tell you about my weekend first, and the conversation that inspired this post, addressing customers who swear.

It’s been a busy time for me with work lately, but I made enjoyment and family the priority over the weekend. Last week was dedicated to preparing for a keynote for the wonderful folks at F&M Bank. I delivered the keynote on Saturday and it was so very well received. God was with me!

After my keynote, I met up with my daughter and we walked to a lovely vegan-friendly restaurant in downtown Oklahoma City. My daughter had already eaten, so she enjoyed a decadent dessert while I savored every bite of my Cauliflower Steak lunch, with kale gremolata, and scarlet quinoa with apples and squash. I loved it!


After lunch, we enjoyed an OKC Thunder game (and a win!) with my husband and son. After the game, hubby and I slipped away for drinks in a sports bar while we watched college football. I love weekends like this.


I hope you had a great weekend too. Make sure you also are making time for fun and family. Those are the most important things, right?

7 Comebacks for the Customer Who Cusses at You

I promised you 7 Comebacks for the Customer Who Cusses at You. Here’s how my weekend ties into these comebacks.

After hubby and I got back to our hotel room on Saturday night, I got a tweet from a young lady who had been cussed out in a restaurant earlier in the evening. The customer was loud and was heard by everyone in the area. The young lady’s story broke my heart.

When I returned to Tulsa on Sunday, I continued to talk with this young lady. This morning I felt inspired to prepare a video so I could share 7 comebacks for those mean customers who have the audacity to cuss at employees.

So, I have for you a 1-minute training video for your employees. Years ago I asked participants in one of my Verbal Aikido workshops (aka handling difficult customers) to share the best responses they had successfully used in response to a customer who was yelling or cursing.

This video reveals the top 7 responses from this bright group of customer service professionals. My hope is the 7 responses help both the lady I tweeted with and you.

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