I Ordered Groceries Through Walmart’s Online Ordering. Here’s How it Went.


A few months ago I got a postcard in the mail from Walmart announcing online grocery ordering and pickup. The idea immediately appealed to me because I hate grocery shopping. There are not many things I actually loathe, but grocery shopping is one of those things.

Last night I was making my task list for what I needed to accomplish today and tomorrow, and my mood turned sour when I had to type in “grocery shop.” But then I remembered Walmart has online ordering, and I decided to give it a try.

My grocery list was already made because I just tell Alexa (Amazon’s Echo Dot) what I need as I discover the need. So, I sat down in my home office with a glass of 2014 red wine, incense burning, a fountain flowing and smooth jazz playing, and I ordered my groceries. This is how grocery shopping should be!


I loved Walmart’s grocery ordering site. You can shop by category, just like you would in the store. I started with the category Produce, and from that section, I was able to search organic produce, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and more. I’m vegetarian, so most of my purchases were in produce. But my family eats meat and the usual junk foods, so I had lots more shopping to do. The meat was divided by type of meat, and it was easy to search and select what I wanted.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 12.59.59 PM.png

Photos were featured for every single item, along with the item’s weight and full description. Adding quantities, removing items and moving through departments was super easy.

After you order, you have until 1 am to make changes. That was convenient because while soaking in the bath I remembered I needed onions and black beans. Odd time to think of yellow onions and organic black beans, I know. But I had time, before bed, to modify my order. So, it’s all good.

This morning I got an alert via the app, an email, and a phone call, letting me know my groceries were ready. Pick up instructions were clear and easy to follow. Here’s what Walmart sent me via email:

Pickup instructions

  1. At your designated time, go to your grocery pickup location. Tip: for faster service, check in using our Walmart Grocery app (iPhone) or Grocery Check-In app (Android). No smartphone? Call us 15 minutes prior to arrival, and again when you arrive.

  2. Enter the parking lot and drive to the front of the store.

  3. Facing the entrance, go to the right side of the building. Look for the grocery pickup signs.

  4. Park in a designated spot. Your order will be out shortly.

I arrived at the store with my hair deep conditioning under a plastic cap, stylishly concealed by my Rasta Beanie. I can roll like that because I didn’t have to get out.

After a short wait, my groceries were rolled out to me and loaded. The employee was gracious and quick and gave me concierge-like service. In minutes I was back home.

Walmart’s online ordering was easy, enjoyable and it met my needs. (These are the 3 Elements of the Best Customer Experience I talk about in my keynotes. Walmart was right on the money!) Definitely, I’ll be ordering groceries online from Walmart again.