People Generally Perform Better When They Get Feedback. But You Knew That Already.

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People generally perform better when they get feedback. And here’s a perfect example of how helpful feedback is.

One of my most important hobbies is photography. It’s easy to get great shots on a digital camera, because you can immediately see the image. You tell if you’re off focus, or if you want to frame the scene a little differently. You catch little mistakes right away and you can go back redo anything you like.

It was harder to get great photos before digital cameras. I remember being on vacation in Fort Walton Beach with my family. I picked up a cheap 35mm camera right before trip. I knew nothing about photography at that point in my life; I was about 23 or 24 years old.

My family and I went to an aerospace museum and I took lots and lots of photos. I just knew they were going to be great. After about 10 minutes of photo taking, I happened to look at the front of my camera, and the lens cap was still on!

I was embarrassed; I was upset with myself, because all of that clicking was for nothing. I could see the images perfectly from my viewfinder, but the viewfinder is not what captures the image! It’s the lens that captures the image. I remember my dad and brother laughing at me. And my brother still brings that up every now and again.

Cameras back then didn’t give us immediate feedback. You knew how you did after you got the photos developed. But today, we all get much better pictures, on our phones and on our cameras, because we get immediate feedback.

Just as immediate feedback on a digital camera – or a phone – leads to far better images, immediate feedback to your employees leads to much better performance. We all know this, right? So, why don’t we always take the time to give our employees immediate and specific feedback on their performance?

Give your employees feedback, as immediate as is reasonably possible, on their performance, and you’ll get far better performance.

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