How to Boost Your Quality Monitoring with Calibration – And Why You Must

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When my daughter was 13, we re-did her bedroom to give her a teenage look. She picked out modern furniture from Ikea, lovely bedding and fun art that perfectly matched her style. It’s now 3 years later and my son is almost 14. The other day he came to me  and said, “You guys owe me a new room. Sissy got a new room when she was 13 and I’m almost 14 with the same room I had when I was little.”

My son felt we were being unfair to him by not redoing his room at exactly the same age as we did his sister’s. So, on Saturday night we went out and picked out his new room. We haven’t made the purchases yet, but the process is started! I didn’t think of the timing as being unfair, but that is certainly my son’s perception.

You, no doubt, have employees who notice the little (or big) things just like my son. This means you must take care to be fair and to be perceived as fair, particularly when it comes to performance feedback.

I remember managing a contact center and having an employee say to me, “Tammy does the exact same thing, yet the supervisor doesn’t take off points for her. I may not have the bubbly tone like Tammy, but I’m good with customers.” The employee was referring to the point distribution on her quality monitoring form versus Tammy’s points. Employees often came into my office to have discussions that were in one way or another just like this one. The problem was my people didn’t feel the supervisors were being fair. That was a problem.

It took me a short while, but I did eventually nip the unfairness dilemma in the bud. What I did is I began meeting weekly with my supervisors to calibrate. Calibration is simply:

  1. To check, adjust, or determine by comparison with a standard (the graduations of a quantitative measuring instrument): calibrate a thermometer.
  2. To make corrections in; adjust: calibrated the polling procedures to ensure objectivity.

Basically, to calibrate is to gain consensus, as a  team, on what a quality contact (phone call, email, or chat) sounds like, looks like, and “feels” like so that every “evaluator” is rating the calls/contacts the same way.

I had my supervisors meet with me on a regular basis to check, adjust, or determine by comparison with each other the standards set forth by our call center.

After about 90 days of regular calibration, here are some of the benefits we saw:

  • It improved the consistency among everyone who monitored
  • It helped protect supervisors against being accused of favoritism
  • It served as a quality assurance mechanism for improving the quality monitoring process overall – like a “monitoring” our supervisors for consistency/fairness, etc.

On January 26th I am hosting a webinar, Quality Monitoring & Coaching.” In this webinar I discuss exactly how to hold focused, fast and effective calibration meetings, I share my famous template “9 Steps for Coaching Customer Service Employees,” I provide sample monitoring forms from companies like Zappos and even forms I have designed for my own clients, and we explore scoring, and the best monitoring methods. If you want to get Quality Monitoring Right, join me for this special webinar. Even if you can’t attend, get the recording. We send it out the very next day.

Here are the details on this webinar.

Quality Call Monitoring & Coaching

In this action-packed event (now available for immediate viewing online), we’ll cover the following:

  • The Monitoring Form: Simple tips and tricks that will position you to design (or enhance) your form like a pro! (We’ll send you great sample monitoring forms ahead of the event to review)
  • Taking the Madness Out of the Method: What is the best way to monitor agents?
  • Making Sense of Measurements – Yes/No Scoring and 5-point scales, which is best for you?
  • Overcoming One of the Biggest Threats to Effective Coaching – Employee resistance to feedback!
  • My 9-Step Model for Coaching Calls (My clients have always loved this!)
  • Getting Agent Buy-In to Monitoring (and Coaching)
  • All About Calibration: Getting Every Supervisor On the Same Page, So You Can Nip Inconsistency in the Bud

Plus, Bonus Take-away Video: Managing to Eliminate Unacceptable Employee Performance

The idea behind the webinar is simple: To help you measure quality so that you can make corrections, and to position you to coach your employees to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Get Some Ideas and Plans

My webinars are famous for actionable take-aways. You’ll receive sample monitoring forms, get a blue-print for exactly how to coach a phone call and you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to respond to employee resistance.

Quality Contact Center Monitoring & Coaching – Video Training with Myra Golden

In contact centers, a solid quality call monitoring program makes all the difference. A poorly conceived program can result in de-motivated agents, frustrated supervisors, wasted time, and no improvements in quality. Join me for this encore presentation of a blockbuster webinar where you get cutting-edge advice on every aspect of setting up or fine-tuning your quality call monitoring program from the monitoring form to measurements to coaching to monitoring methods.

Read outline—>

This webinar will be helpful for you if you’re just starting out designing your quality monitoring program, if you know you need to make changes with your quality program, and if you are getting employee resistance to your current quality monitoring process. 

Special Offer!

Get just this webinar or sign up for our Full Access program and get this program, our other 9 recorded webinars and an entire year of learning with me, PLUS 10-licenses to my Customer Service Online Training portal for your employees, AND all of my Trainer’s Facilitator Kits. The choice is yours.

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