Sipping My Dark Italian Roast and Doing a Run-through for, “Coaching & Monitoring”


I’m sitting at my desk, sipping my dark Italian roast latte and doing a run-through of tomorrow’s web training, “Coaching & Monitoring” and boy, am I excited! This is such an important training because it addresses head-on the 4 biggest challenges supervisors and managers face with monitoring and coaching customer service employee:

  1. How to design the most effective monitoring form
  2. How to address problem performance in the most diplomatic way
  3. How to deal with whining and complaining employees
  4. How to hold employees accountable for making improvement

So often I find that supervisors don’t monitor and coach consistently and if they are consistent with recording calls, they aren’t always strong and confident in giving constructive feedback. Without feedback, there really is no value in recording calls.

By the way, if you’re already enrolled or if you’re a Member of Full Access, your login details and resource packet were emailed to you just about 30 minutes ago. 🙂

In this web training, (available online for immediate viewing) my clients will discover how often they should be reviewing calls with employees.


I’ll be sharing real monitoring forms that get results.


They’ll get my 9-step strategy for coaching calls with employees.


Here are the details on this webinar.

Quality Call Monitoring & Coaching

In this action-packed event, we’ll cover the following:

  • The Monitoring Form: Simple tips and tricks that will position you to design (or enhance) your form like a pro! (We’ll send you great sample monitoring forms ahead of the event to review)
  • Taking the Madness Out of the Method: What is the best way to monitor agents?
  • Making Sense of Measurements – Yes/No Scoring and 5-point scales, which is best for you?
  • Overcoming One of the Biggest Threats to Effective Coaching – Employee resistance to feedback!
  • My 9-Step Model for Coaching Calls (My clients have always loved this!)
  • Getting Agent Buy-In to Monitoring (and Coaching)
  • All About Calibration: Getting Every Supervisor On the Same Page, So You Can Nip Inconsistency in the Bud

Plus, Bonus Take-away Video: Managing to Eliminate Unacceptable Employee Performance

The idea behind the webinar is simple: To help you measure quality so that you can make corrections, and to position you to coach your employees to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Get Some Ideas and Plans

My webinars are famous for actionable take-aways. You’ll receive sample monitoring forms, get a blue-print for exactly how to coach a phone call and you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to respond to employee resistance.

Quality Contact Center Monitoring & Coaching – Video Training with Myra Golden

In contact centers, a solid quality call monitoring program makes all the difference. A poorly conceived program can result in de-motivated agents, frustrated supervisors, wasted time, and no improvements in quality. Join me for this encore presentation of a blockbuster webinar where you get cutting-edge advice on every aspect of setting up or fine-tuning your quality call monitoring program from the monitoring form to measurements to coaching to monitoring methods.

Read outline—>

This webinar will be helpful for you if you’re just starting out designing your quality monitoring program, if you know you need to make changes with your quality program, and if you are getting employee resistance to your current quality monitoring process. 

Special Offer!

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Sign up for this webinar, or get access to 9 recorded webinars plus the next year of LIVE webinars, Online learning for your employees and Training Kits as part of one price! Either way, it’s a good deal.

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