Training for All Who Serve Customers: How to Talk to Customers: Friendliness, Tone & Connection

Support phone operator in headset at workplace

What if the biggest problem with your customer experience was the way your employees spoke with customers? Are your employees ever perceived as indifferent, cold or uncaring? If you called up your own company, mystery shopping as a customer, would you cringe just a little bit at what you heard? If your customer interactions are less than ideal, how would you change them?

How Your Employees Talk to Customers is Everything

How they say ‘no’ when no truly is the only option, the way they explain something the customer doesn’t want to hear, tone, empathy, knowing what to say to the customer who just wants to speak to a supervisor – These are delicate interactions that can make or break your customer experience. Do your employees know how to respond with diplomacy, tact and a caring attitude in situations like these?

Have Your Employees Sit With Me for 60 Minutes. I’ll Help Them.

I’m doing a webinar on April 5th at 1 pm ET called “How to Talk to Customers.” You might be tempted to skip this training. “We’ve got that covered.”

But do you?

When you listen to recorded calls, are you delighted by what you hear? Have you ever wanted to hear your employees speak with a bit more friendliness? Have you ever been somewhere and gotten amazing friendly service and thought, “I want my team to be more like this!”?

If you can answer yes to two or more of these questions, sign your team up for this webinar. Even if April 5th isn’t good for you, sign-up anyway because you’ll get the recording, which never expires.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

How to express empathy to customers

  • When you don’t feel empathetic, you sound insincere and indifferent. Myra will walk you through 2 powerful exercises to help you convey real empathy in your words, tone, and pauses.
  • The art of connecting with customers…make emotional connections with your customers through acknowledgment, being fully present and by mirroring the customer.
  • 7 ready-made phrases that convey sincere empathy (when combined with the right attitude and tone)

How to talk to customers

  • How to correct a mistaken or confused customer. This is fragile territory, but Myra will show you how to tread lightly, yet confidently. You will learn how to take yourself out of the middle of the issue and make the truth as easy to accept as a spoonful of honey.
  • Exactly how to handle a problem that is actually the customer’s fault. Myra explains why you can’t outright tell a customer he is wrong, even when he is, and she shows you how to tactfully help the customer to see things the way you need them to.
  • There are some words you just can’t say to customers.Myra will show you how to sterilize your communication so that you don’t evoke a negative response from the customer.
  • How to make customers feel smart/good even if they ask “silly” questions.

Making Customers Feel Taken Care of…the secret to the best customer experience

  • Needs are met!.…Proactively work to meet your customers’ expressed and unexpressed needs…Myra introduces two powerful analogies that will ensure your employees retain this strategy and that they have the inspiration to truly meet un-expressed customer needs.
  • Exactly how to make every caller feel taken care of…6 ideas from the Apple Genius Bar.
  • The customer service icon that customer service professionals are flipping for…what Gumby can teach you empathy, tone and solving problems customers experience…This new approach to service delivery is fun to implement, sticks with your employees, and truly surprises and delights customers.

DECIDE to Join Me

Join me at 1 PM ET Wednesday, April 5th. (Again, don’t worry if you can’t be there live – sign up and I’ll send you the video the very next day.)

The ideas I’ll share with you in this webinar can be put to use at once and will improve the way your employees talk to your customers.

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