I’d given that keynote everything. I took the time to speak with 3 audience members weeks before my talk to get a feel for what would be value-adding for attendees. Months before my speech I interviewed 2 experts in the field so that I could provide field-tested and proven strategies in my key points. I was prayed up.

On the big day, my keynote was good, but it was not great. I know great. I can see great in the eyes of my audience. I can feel it. I didn’t make an emotional connection. Maybe I didn’t establish my credibility right up front. Was this African American woman with edgy, kinky hair just too much for this all-white, all male audience?

After a great keynote, several people literally line up to meet me, shake my hand, compliment me and tell me how my talk impacted them. After this keynote, though, people left, save 5 or 6 raving fans. I focused on those that did not meet and greet me, and not on the beautiful souls I did interact with. I walked out of the ballroom feeling like a letdown, depleted, not enough. I felt empty. Like the empty glass sitting on my desk as I write this.

I couldn’t re-do that keynote. Not only could I not redo it, but I also had to gear up for 2 full days of training with another client – 3 days from that keynote. I decided to refill my empty glass; to keep it moving, forgive myself for not being amazing. It took lots of honest reflection on what went wrong, what I should have done and what I had no control over, but ultimately I moved to acceptance and self-forgiveness. 

Three days later I flew to Toronto and delivered training, and a few days after that work, my client sent me the following reaction via email:

Myra delivered two full-day workshops for us, and we could not be more pleased.  She took the time to listen to our needs and created workshops that combined her expert knowledge with the specific customer-service ethos we want ingrained in our employees.  

Our attendees had this to say about Myra:

Myra held everyone’s attention. Her personal stories and experiences were insightful and valuable.

I have been through other customer service related seminars and Myra’s by far was the best I have ever completed!

• I felt the small group discussions were a great way to get my thoughts and ideas across in a safe, friendly environment

Myra is a wonderful and engaging speaker.

Amy Spence, Training Service Manager, West Education Group

I needed to know I did, indeed, still create value for my clients. God gave me the exact encouragement I needed when I most needed it.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, despite your positive intentions. Sometimes an interaction with an employee, customer, or your boss leaves you feeling empty. That’s okay. It happens. Go refill your glass. Commit to doing better. Keep it moving.

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