What a Makeup Artist Taught Me About Customer Service


This week, I’m filming video training for a client in Southern California. Each morning before we shoot, I get treated to makeup art by Christina, a talented, gorgeous and charismatic makeup artist.

The first day I worked with Christina, she asked me about what I teach in my videos and training classes. “I help frontline employees deliver the best possible customer experience,” I said. “Usually, I’m focused on helping people show concern and empathy and on handling difficult situations with diplomacy and tact.”

It turns out, Christina is not just an amazing makeup artist; she knows a thing or two about customer service. “When I worked at Nordstrom,” she told me, “I would notice how stingy my employees would be when customers would ask for makeup samples. But then if the same employees had a friend or their mother come in, they were so generous, friendly and fun. They’d be like, ‘Mom, you have to try this; let me give you these to take home!’”

Christina to the left

I love that Christina made that observation. She went on, “So, I started training my employees to treat every customer like they would treat their own mother, assuming they liked their mother.”

What a brilliant concept! Treat your customer like you’d treat your own mother if she was your customer. If my mother was my customer, I know I’d be patient with her, especially when I’m explaining something highly technical. I’d definitely season the conversation with small talk. I wouldn’t rush the experience. I’d make sure I answered her every question and I would bid her a fond farewell.

Christina got me stage-ready for the big lights

Try Christina’s approach. Treat every customer the same way you’d treat your very own mother if she was your customer. Assuming, that is, that you like your mother!

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