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How did 2017 go for you? Employees still struggling with how to control calls with unreasonable customers? Your customer experience still not where you know it needs to be? Still trying to get your people to convey empathy? I know. The struggle is real.

The real question is: how will you gear up to make 2018 better?

Let me give your people the tactics, skills, and inspiration they need so they can deliver experiences that make you feel proud.

I try to make my training easy – for you, your employees, and even for me, by offering it online. I still do onsite training, of course, but online training saves time and money. And it keeps me off of planes.

There’s no sense stressing over 2017’s results. Let me help your workgroup thrive in 2018.

Imagine 2018….

Imagine how good you will feel knowing that your employees consistently speak to customers with friendliness, empathy, and warmth.

Imagine your team starting calls off on a positive note, making personal emotional connections and genuinely ending calls with a fond farewell.

Imagine walking through your department, and you hear employees saying things like:

“I can understand how frustrating this whole thing has been for you.”

“I cannot imagine how upsetting it is to…”

“We want to get to the bottom of this just as much as you do.”

“I hate that you had to make this call today, but I’ll get this resolved for you.”

Imagine your employees knowing just what to say to control a robust conversation with an unreasonable customer.

Imagine hearing your employees deliver bad news to customers with the confidence and ease of a doctor.

Then imagine hearing one of your employees ending a call like this…

“Well, Lisa, if there’s nothing else, the only thing left is for me to wish you a great afternoon.”

If you’re serious about making 2018 better than 2017, my online customer service training is for your team.

Look through course outlines and take a test drive of the training right here.

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