What You Can Learn About Chat From Amazon’s Chat Agents

Last week I worked with a fantastic new client in Cleveland on the chat customer experience. After my workshop in Ohio, I chatted with Amazon about a problem with my Kindle Oasis.

I immediately made screenshots of my chat and sent the images to my Cleveland client. My hope is that my takeaways might help my customer as they prepare to go live with chat in just a few weeks.

And then I thought, why not share my chat experience with you, too.

In this post, I have my exact chat interaction because it’s important for you to see the key points.

Click here for larger image.

Chat Example

Here’s what I want you to notice.

In the image “Chat Example” above you’ll see the elements I talk about in my chat training: Good opening, Empathy for a problem, Focused Wording to bring the chat to closure, and a Nice Farewell.

In the below “Chat Follow-up,” you have a fantastic example of how to follow-up by email if there are any details your customer needs to have a record of.

Click for larger image.

Chat Followup

If these examples help you, well that makes me happy.

Here’s a video from my online Chat Handling class.

If your employees talk to customers over chat, have them watch this 5-minute video, which is part of my complete Chat Handing Fundamentals training.

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