Behind The Scenes Look at My Filming at LinkedIn Learning

For two years I’ve partnered with LinkedIn Learning to create courses to help employees be more assured and skilled in their ability to handle demanding customers.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from my visit last week to LinkedIn Learning to film two new training courses.

Brilliant make-up artist, Tomeko, keeps me looking good on the set.
What I like about being on set is filming only from the waist up. If only I could facilitate workshops in leggings and ballet flats!

After filming each day, I changed clothes and headed to the beach. I sat at Rincon Beach one day and read for a couple of hours. Oh, I love the water and the sun.

One evening I drove to Santa Barbara to enjoy dinner at my favorite vegan restaurant in the area. My entree was terrifically different — Vegan Tacos. It was roasted potato and walnut with cacao black beans, kale, and pickled turnip.


Sadly though, the customer service was inattentive and downright careless, and I won’t be going back.

I told a friend about my poor dining experience, and he said,

“Bad table-waiting is just as bad as trying to listen to great music on broken speakers. Ruins the whole experience.”


A highlight of my week at LinkedIn was running into Brad Cleveland, Senior Advisor, ICMI. I have respected Brad’s work in the contact center industry for years. It was an honor to stand with the guru himself.

After wrapping up filming for my two courses, I got to Executive Produce five scenarios for my training. Our actors, Sabrine and Donovan were talented and fun. They made the scenes I scripted come to life in such a genuine way.

Our call center set was so cool. Donovan handles his demanding customers with ease using the scripted techniques. My Producer, Jake, sat in to play a second call center agent.
Sabrine plays a difficult customer in this scene. We couldn’t have had a better actress for this role. She nailed it.

My week in Carpinteria with the LinkedIn team and our actors was fantastic. I look forward to returning soon.