10 Takeaways Your Employees Get From My Telephone Skills Online Training


Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But, people will never forget how you made them feel.” That point right there – people will never forget how you made them feel – is why we created this course.

This training is about never having your customers hang up with negative feelings about how you talked to them. Here are 10 Takeaways Your Employees Get From My Telephone Skills Training.


  1. Three keys for how to make the most of the first six seconds of a phone call
  2. How to bridge into questions, so you sound friendly and helpful
  3. The art of yielding, so you don’t accidentally over-talk your customers
  4. Discover why speaking in complete sentences improves the perception of friendliness and helps you build rapport
  5. Exactly how to gracefully handle dead airspace, so you avoid that awkward uncomfortableness on the phone
  6.  Learn approaches to making customers feel smart or good, and why should
  7. Find out precisely how to build rapport with callers – it’s easier than you might think
  8. Link the communication chain to make customers feel heard and understood (this also helps with creating calm and defusing anger)
  9. Explore how to listen with the intent to understand, and not merely the intent to reply.
  10. Participate in an exercise that helps you immediately adopt and apply what you learn in this course!

This training Includes Knowledge Checks

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Employees Can Participate In This Training On Their Phone!

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Sample a Module!


Handling calls in such a way that the customer hangs up feeling good is easy for you. It just takes a few keys, consistently used, and you’ll deliver a warm and friendly interaction, every time.

This 38-minute course is part of our customer service eLearning library. Get access to the entire suite of classes, or purchase a single license to this class and teach your team telephone skills as a group for just $199.