The Only Vocal Tone Your Employees Should Be Using With Customers


There are pretty much three voice tones you can use with customers.

1. Authoritative

This is the tone you’d use when disciplining a child or if you’re a police officer working to assert your authority. Rarely, if ever, would you use this tone with a customer. Having said this, you might have to speak authoritatively if a customer crosses the line and is profane or disrespectful.

The Authoritative Tone Can Come Across:

Lacking empathy

2. Amiable

This is your calm, friendly voice. You’ll use this tone in almost all interactions with customers.

The Amiable Tone Is:


3. Assertive

Think of the voice of a radio DJ playing slow jams after 10:00pm (though nothing sexy, obviously – just confident, a bit slow, and composed).

This is the tone you take on when you need to create calm, address conflict, and defuse anger. With demanding customers, in other words. Use a smooth and slow pace assertively, and you’ll create an aura of calm and trust without triggering defensiveness.

The Aim Of An Assertive Tone Is:


In Most Interactions Strive For the Amiable Voice

The tone I heard over and over in the calls I listened to this morning was Authoritative. This authoritative approach was used where Amiable would have been most useful and expected. I’m going to use interactive learning scenarios in my customer service workshop later this month to focus on talking amiably is almost all situations. I encourage you to aim for this approach in most of your conversations. Using an authoritative or aggressive tone when it’s not needed, is like putting too much salt in your pasta. It’s too much and it ruins the experience.

My two hours of working today are over. Now to get my kids dressed and out for some spring fun!

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