The Truth About Transitioning From Employee To Supervisor


Your communication ability, leadership strengths, ambition, and people skills got you this promotion. Now comes the hard part – dealing with conflict, giving feedback, toxic employees, and managing your time.

You can’t lead your company in delivering exceptional customer experiences if you don’t get first the people management down.

Here are 4 things you can expect to experience during the first phase of your transition from peer to supervisor.

1. Your biggest challenge is going to be managing friends and close associates. You’ll be nervous about leading them and giving constructive feedback. They’ll expect you to cut them slack.

2. You’ll be accused of being unfair and inconsistent, and this is just because you’re new at this giving feedback thing.

3. Time will get away from you. You’re brimming with ideas of greatness, but you’ll be pulled in many different directions by your boss, peers, employees, and busy work. So, you have to get a handle on priorities now.

4. You’ll worry about being overbearing when you give instructions or feedback. This fear may keep you from saying what needs to be said.

The challenges you’ll face are real. But the good news is, I can help you transition to a supervisor with significantly less stress and fewer career-impacting mistakes.

I just created a one-hour video training we’re calling “Everything You Need To Know About Transitioning From Employee To Supervisor.”

If you’re a new supervisor, grab this video and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about transitioning from employee to supervisor in This 60-Minute Webinar. Read the outline here.