Take Challenging Customers From a Boil to a Simmer Using the Reframe Method (Step 2 of My De-escalation Strategy)

Reframe.001When you need to pre-empt an escalation in aggression with a customer, reframe the conversation using the three steps politicians and CEOs use for damage control and to control the message.


Here’s what we know
Here’s what we’ve done
Here’s what’s next

When you use these steps, you’ll reframe the problem, create calm, and be in control of the conversation. I walk you through the three components of framing, and I give an excellent example of the technique in this video.


I pulled this 4-minute video on the Reframe step from my De-escalation training so you can have a quick teaching method to share this 3-step method with your team. If you find you need more help with de-escalating, consider my online de-escalation class.