How to Prepare Your Employees to Get An Angry Customer to Back Down


Imagine your newest and most timid employee’s next call is from an irate customer. The customer is ranting so loudly that the person across from her can hear his voice.

But your employee is calm and confident. She’s saying things like,

“Umm…hmm,” “I see….” and “I realize this whole thing has been frustrating for you.”

She’s leaning in toward her computer and listening to the customer. After listening to the customer for several seconds, she says, “We want to fix this just as much as you do.” And then….you hear her typing away while she nods – and within 3 minutes, the customer hangs up happy.

Keep imagining with me for just another minute. Lauren just got a live one. Right out of the gate he’s asked to talk to a supervisor. Here’s how Lauren responds.

Female customer support operator

“I can certainly let you speak to my supervisor, but you know what, Brendan? That’s why I’m here. Why don’t you give me a chance to help you first? If I’m not able to fix this, absolutely, I’ll get you to my supervisor.”

You brace yourself for the transfer to your phone that you know is about to happen… but, the call isn’t transferred. Lauren has convinced Brendan to let her help him!

No, you weren’t imagining perfect agents in the Zappos Call Center. But they could just as easily be your employees after skill training on how to calm down angry and agitated customers.

Help your employees eliminate their fears and doubts about getting angry customers to back down

On Friday, May 31st at 1:00 pm ET I’m facilitating a webinar training to help you prepare your employees to get any angry customer to back down. If your people struggle with escalations and demanding customers, join me for this webinar and gain tactics to train and coach your employees to handle demanding customers with more confidence and ease. See the webinar outline.

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Myra is a favorite training partner to Fortune 500 companies with her customized, engaging, behavior-changing (and fun) customer service workshops, working with McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Michelin, Vera Bradley and other brands.

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