How to Get Angry, Irate or Unreasonable Customers to Back Down (3 Steps)


Imagine your next phone call is from an angry, irate customer, and you’ve only got a few seconds to gain control.

Are you 100% confident you can handle it?

If not, I’ve got the perfect program for you. Take my 30-minute De-escalation Online Training, and you’ll be able to:

Handle Any Difficult Customer

I promise, after just 30-minutes with me in this special “3-Step De-escalation Method” on-demand workshop, you will be inspired and thrilled with how much more productive you can be at getting angry customers to back down! And once you’ve gotten a taste of using my 3-Step Method and a little psychology on demanding customers, you will be completely STOKED!

Getting demanding customers to back down using my “3-Step De-escalation Method” is CLEAR, CONCISE, and geared to give you QUICK RESULTS that will keep you engaged and excited about your developing skills.

Hi Myra, your training yesterday was fantastic. I was even able to apply your de-escalation techniques on my 2-year-old son and it worked like magic. He was having a fit to go to bed and I used your right-brain-left-brain technique. I was able to move him to his left brain by asking the color of his 3 favorite characters and he immediately calmed down and cuddled in bed with me. I thought you would appreciate the feedback 😉 Thank you.

–Marcia B.

In my 3-Step De-escalation Method, I reveal the secrets I share with Customer Service Professionals in Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, like:

  • My 30-minute, 3-step method for getting angry customers to back down
  • The cycle of escalation explained, so you don’t make things harder for yourself  by unintentionally provoking a customer
  • How tactically using empathy helps you acknowledge customer concern and instantly create calm
  • 7 Comebacks for the customer who tries to manipulate you with cursing or yelling
  • Straightforward guidance on how to get customers to accept your word as final
  • All you need to know about what to say when a customer asks for a manager
  • The psychology of customer anger…what you need to know so that you don’t inadvertently set a customer off
  • 7 powerful phrases, word-for-word, to help you reframe an interaction from venting and ranting to a focus on your solution or final answer

–So you can deal with demanding customers with ease and confidence, even if you never saw yourself as good at handling intense customers.

“In regards to your eLearning course, your coaching has immensely helped me with a few difficult calls these past three weeks. The particular course that was pivotal to these calls was your “How to De-escalate” section.”

–Anna Hoang, Customer Support Specialist I, Vertafore

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