This Will Be the Year of (Really) Building Rapport with Customers

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For all of my onsite customer service workshops and keynotes, I arrive at least 45 minutes before we start so I can meet and talk to the people who’ll be spending several hours with me.

Now I didn’t always do this. In the past, I’d hide out in the back of the room, mentally preparing and praying, and only go up after I was introduced. But I’ve realized that talking to my audience before the training starts helps me to connect with them before I ask them to trust me by putting their learning in my hands. It makes me more comfortable and likable, and the training goes a lot smoother because of it.

And, it’s the same with customers.

Taking a few seconds to create rapport makes interactions much smoother and more pleasant.

I created a short training for LinkedIn Learning that teaches customer service professionals how to establish rapport.

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Join me for Rapport Training, and I’ll show you how to pace customers, meaning, you’ll meet customers where they are emotionally. You’ll learn how yielding to customers helps the conversation flow, you’ll see how talking in complete sentences makes you sound friendlier, plus you’ll see how you can maintain rapport even when you have to give bad news.

So join me in this LinkedIn Learning course and learn how to deliver better customer interactions by creating rapport.