3 Things I Know For Sure Motivate Customer Service Employees

Co-workers giving great feedback

We all go through times when we’re not feeling the whole work thing. The mere thought of work brings on dread, we mop ourselves into the office later and later, and our eyes are rolled to the back of our head more often than not. These are all signs that we’re burned out or morale is very low.

If you’re a supervisor or manager and you see signs of work exhaustion in your people, you need to act fast, or you might lose your people to burnout, or another job. I’ve had depleted employees, and I’ve been the used up person (even in my current position).

Here are three things I know for sure meaningfully motivate employees. I know these ideas work because I’ve used them in call centers I’ve managed, and right here at Myra Golden Seminars.

1. Plan a Team Building Outing


I keep things spicy at Myra Golden Seminars by regularly getting the team out for fun. We’ve done escape rooms, painting with wine in hand, and I once brought in a game from my childhood home, Simon, which gave way to energy and belly laughs. Look for ways to bring your team together outside of work.

2. Highlight What They Do Well

Listen to some calls from your customer service team and choose the best two or three, and play a portion of these extraordinary calls in your next employee meeting. (You could also pick some of the best chat or email interactions to share.) Talk about how you felt when you heard these calls and how this fantastic service helps achieve your organization’s customer experience goals.

3. Delegate

Yes, I’m serious about this one. Years ago, I was overwhelmed with a budget deadline, performance appraisals, and a loyalty initiative. Utterly exhausted one Friday at 3:00 pm, I had one of my employees attend a meeting in my place. A project that I found laborious was rejuvenating for my employee, George. He enjoyed the break from the call center, was a natural leader we learned, and he loved being a part of something big for the company. I learned from George’s experience that delegating can be a brilliant motivator for employees (and a stress reliever for busy managers). Here’s how to know you need to delegate:

-You’re feeling overwhelmed
-Tasks that aren’t using your creativity or expertise (I used to assemble workbooks – zero use of my talent)
-Projects that would help others grow and learn

Open up and delegate and watch beautiful things unfold.

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