The Miracle Of Visualizing, Planning, And Executing Your Best Customer Experience Yet – Through Quality Monitoring


Twelve years ago, I created a vision board. On it, I had a specific vehicle, a goal of annual family vacations, antique office furniture, a whole new backyard, including patio furniture, and a playground for my kids, and a few other coveted things. I manifested every image I tacked on my board. EVERYTHING.

The success of my vision board is a lot like a project I’m working on with some of my clients.

When I work with customer service and marketing teams to improve customer interactions, I always ask some form of these questions:

“It’s six months from today. What does our customer experience feel/look/sound like?” and “What did (specific steps) we do to get to here?”

“How would __________ (Chick-Fil-A, Amazon, Aldi, Lexus, etc.) handle our problem?”

When teams explore answers to these questions, they are visualizing the change their companies need, and their customers deserve. After painting the picture of where they want to be and imagining how companies they see as fantastic with the customer experience would handle a similar issue, I guide my clients in planning their best customer experience.

Visualizing, planning, and EXECUTING a quality monitoring program is my summer 2019 focus for my clients.

On August 9th I am hosting a webinar, Quality Form Development & Coaching. In this webinar I discuss exactly how to hold focused, fast and effective calibration meetings, I share my famous template “9 Steps for Coaching Customer Service Employees,” I provide sample monitoring forms I have designed for my own clients, and we explore scoring, and the best monitoring methods. If you want to visualize, plan, and execute a quality program that drives an excellent customer experience, join me for this exclusive webinar. Even if you can’t attend, get the recording. We send it out the very next day.

Here are the details of this webinar.