How Pulling Away for 3 Hours a Week Can Actually Make You More Productive


Every week I set aside three uninterrupted hours to work on me. In this “Strategic Block,” a term coined in the book “12 Week Year,” I don’t allow emails, calls, or meetings, and no regular business tasks. I focus solely on personal or professional development.

Pulling back from the hustle and grind to self-develop gives me energy and creativity to come back and own my week, and I promise you, this exercise will help you boss up, too.

In this week’s Strategic Block, I’m working my way through week eight of the twelve-week “Artist’s Way” course, while I explore a new coffee, “Oddly Correct.”

Here are some things I’ve done in my Strategic Blocks:

–Read a business book
–Attend a webinar
–Read a personal development book
–Brainstorm new training focus areas to offer my clients
–Made a list of companies I’d like to work with and map out a plan to reach them
–Watch a Ted Talk
–Attend a workshop
–Take LinkedIn Learning classes
–Talk to my mentor over coffee
–Pray, visualize, and plan


Two weeks ago, I created a new vision board during my Strategic Block. A lot of my strategic blocks are outside of my professional life because right now, I feel led to nurture and explore my creativity. Focusing on my creativity gives me energy and zeal for my professional life.

Join me?

What if you carved out three hours weekly to make deposits into your personal and professional development? Putting your phone on do not disturb and pausing your inbox for as little as one hour, could be the nudge you need to come back to work more productive, energized, and creative.

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