COVID-19: At-Home Customer Service Classes ( & LinkedIn Learning)

Since you and your employees are stuck at home, this can be a fantastic time to jump into the customer service training you’ve been putting off.

We have some free and low-cost ways to improve the sound, flow, and feel of your customer interactions. Our remote training options ensure your employees are fully prepared and inspired to express the soul of your brand, and assured in their ability to handle challenging customers.

Here’s what we’ve got going on…

YouTube Short Customer Service Videos

I have dozens of videos on YouTube covering everything from call control, to de-escalation, to telephone skills. Your employees can pick and choose the subjects that they struggle with, or you can select topics of focus for them. (This option is super simple and at no cost.)

LinkedIn Learning Customer Service Classes

Seven of my customer service classes are available on LinkedIn Learning. These classes include engaging video teaching, quizzes, and closed captioning. If your company already has a LinkedIn Learning subscription, my courses are no additional cost to you. On LinkedIn Learning, I feature Delivering Bad News to Customers, De-escalation, Empathy Training for Customer Service Professionals, How to Create Rapport, and more.

Full Library of Online Customer Service Training on Our Website

Our website features our complete training library – Customer Service online training to help your employees speak and write with friendliness and empathy and to handle demanding customers with more ease – with scenarios, progress reports, and knowledge checks.

Read outlines and sample classes now.


Customer Service, SCORM 1.2-Compliant Modules, –– an all-in-one package that’s super-easy to upload to your LMS. 

Upload our classes 

Keep honing your team’s customer service skillset, (and wash your hands).