Call Control Strategies for Remote Customer Service Employees

I read that the average customer service call lasts 2 minutes longer than it needs to. Often, we don’t know how to get an angry customer to back down, or we struggle to move a customer from venting to a solution. Or we don’t want to be rude when trying to wrap things up with a friendly, talkative customer.

The problem with longer calls is the impact it has on customers who are on hold waiting for help. And, it’s frustrating for you, too, because other things need your attention.

In this course, we’re looking at how you can quickly move calls to closure using techniques that are effective, but polite.

I’ll show you how to take control by asking your customer 3 closed-ended questions; I’ll help you politely excuse yourself when your customer is talkative. Plus, I’ll teach you my “snatch and flip” technique for taking an upset customer down from a boil to a simmer – so you can wrap up the conversation.

I’ve helped thousands of customer service professionals just like you control conversations. Join me in my LinkedIn Learning course and learn how to control conversations politely.