5 Ideas for Engaging (and fun) Virtual Meetings

My walking buddy told me about how a department lead kicked off a virtual staff meeting for her organization. He had a scavenger hunt. The manager posted a list of ten items on the team’s GroupMe app. Employees rushed around their homes to find everyday items: toothbrush, paperback novel, tv remote, candle, Airpods, olive oil, and so on. The activity took less than ten minutes, and it set the tone for a fun, upbeat virtual meeting. (Tip: Try this at your next virtual meeting and make it more exciting by offering a prize, like a virtual Amazon gift card!)

Your employees are probably swimming in call and chat volume right now. They’re likely seeing a rise in customer frustration. Make sure you get employees off the phones and chat dashboards at least once weekly. They need to exhale. They need to connect with one another. They need to laugh.

Connect with your team in video meetings, and make the get-together fun. Here are some engagement ideas I’m hearing from people in my virtual workshops.

  • Have everybody wear fun pajamas
  • Let everyone order lunch to be delivered around the same time (Company picking up the tab)
  • Everyone check-in with how they’re feeing using a season, “Today I’m spring,” or “I feel like winter.”
  • In the chatbox, people share what they’re binge-watching

Get creative to make virtual meetings engaging and fun. Just make sure you get your team together every week or so. They need contact, connection, and communication – and the break from serving customers.


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