Get customers to accept your word as final – a Mini Workshop

Grab your slides from this video for quick reference to the four tips.

Getting customers to accept your word as final comes down to confidence.

When a customer service representative has to say, “The previous owner has an unpaid balance. What this means for you is, for you to have water connected, the balance has to be paid first.”


“Because you didn’t follow your licensing requirements, penalties have been accessed. XYZ Department of Insurance will not renew any license until all penalties are met and cleared.”

And when the customer, frustrated and desperate, demands to talk to a manager, guess what?

The manager will say the same thing as the employee said.

But the manager will say the words confidently, firmly, and resolutely. And she’ll make it clear that there’s no other option.

In my digital training, and on my blog, I’m helping front-line employees develop the confidence to assertively and firmly give bad news, yet still in a business-friendly way.  

I hosted a mini-workshop on YouTube Saturday with the precise focus of building agent confidence. In the surprise training, I shared a 4-step framework that guides representatives step-by-step to confidently and assertively telling customers what they don’t want to hear and getting the customer to accept their word as final.

Here are the four steps I cover in the mini workshop:

Be clear

Acknowledge concern

Manage expectations

Guide to next steps

Watch the video now! And share it with your team!