De-escalation Academy – Enrollment Now Open!

In case you missed it, we just launched de-escalation academy

My Content Designers, Advisors, and I carefully designed De-escalation Academy to fully prepare your employees to confidently get customers to accept their word as final, preempt escalations, and control conversations assertively.

If you’ve been checking out my Live Digital De-escalation workshops waiting for dates to open up on my calendar, and you want a customized workshop, this is your opportunity. 

De-escalation Academy is a comprehensive training program. Inside the Academy, we help your employees go from feeling uncomfortable talking to pushy customers, denying requests, giving bad news, and struggling with call control, to feeling confident and firm in saying, “Here’s what I can do” and controlling calls. Hence, they get angry customers to back down and accept their word as final.

Inside De-escalation Academy, your employees work on real-play scenarios they bring (versus irrelevant roleplays), making the Academy highly customized to each student’s real situations.

Enrollment is now open, and space is limited.