Top 4 Questions About De-escalation Academy Answered

Last week I told you about De-escalation Academy, and immediately I got a ton of questions. 

You might have questions, too. So, I’m sharing the top four questions that I answered for new students last week. 

What is the total time commitment for the Academy?

The total classroom training time is 75 minutes, spread out over four days. I build your employees’ confidence and guide them through getting angry customers to back down in short segments (no more than five minutes per piece). Each day in the Academy, my students develop phrases and statements to use with their customers on my worksheets, guides, and checklists. The customized work on the supplemental sheets (homework or completed right in the Academy) will add to daily commitment.

See module outlines or, better yet, sample a few lessons. 

I prefer my employees to participate in the training in one sitting, rather than over four days. Is this an option for the Academy?

I can release all lessons at once, like a typical eLearning. Your employees will have twelve months of access to the modules and earn a certificate after successful completion. Please note that I am not in the Academy live to answer your team’s questions when you get all modules instantly. To get your modules all at once, select “Immediate Access De-escalation Academy” from the tab “Learn with Myra.”

How long do we have access to the training?

Academy alumni can review my video lessons and supplemental worksheets for 12 months after they graduate.

How will you customize scenarios and make the training relevant to my employees?

Much like my live digital workshops, I’ll ask my students to apply real situations they struggle with to the frameworks I guide them through. When your employees work through my 4R De-escalation Method with their actual cases, they glean insights they’ll adopt and apply when they give customers terrible news, issue a denial, say ‘no,’ and deal with challenging customers. 

Your team can start training today or join the live Academy in January. 

I created De-escalation Academy to mirror the content and customization of my live digital de-escalation three-hour workshops and to reach a wider audience. (I’m facilitating an average of 4 digital workshops a week – my max!) 

My De-escalation Academy students get the same content I share in my live digital workshops. When students work through the activities and conversation prep on my worksheets, they get the same learning activities I facilitate in live training.

Like my live workshops, my De-escalation Academy students get full access to me during my Office Hours.

Preview modules and enroll your team now.