How to De-escalate in Chat and Email

We kicked off De-escalation Academy yesterday, and a student asked a question that I think is important for us to discuss here. His question was:

“Our team is working 99% by email, will we able to apply everything that we learn here and translate it into a purely written environment?
Any advice is appreciated.”

Customers escalate in chat and email interactions intensely! Yes, my tactics for bringing down the temperature in conversations with customers work in written communications.

I answer the question and give three tips for de-escalating in chat and email in the video below.


As a certified Master Crisis Prevention and De-escalation Instructor, I have the expertise to guide you through the COVID-19 stressful encounters you’re sure to have with customers. If you need help with preempting escalations and de-escalating intense interactions, visit my blog, where I have dozens of tips for creating positive conversations with customers.