4 Things Chat Agents Can Do to Move Chat Interactions Along Faster

Here are four things you can do to move your chat interactions along faster.

One. Check for understanding early on and as often as it takes.

Don’t assume you understand what the customer is saying. Just ask the customer what they mean. Like this:

“You’re asking me how your employees can add an avatar to their eLearning profile, correct?”

“You want to de-activate a license because an employee is on medical leave, right?”

Getting clarity early keeps you from going down the rabbit hole for something that customers didn’t need.


When an eLearning customer reaches out to my team for help, we’ll go into the portal to see what they see. Then, we’ll do quick screenshots or screen recordings to walk them through the steps to solve their issues.

Whenever you can use links, screenshots, or screen recordings – it’s a huge timesaver!

Three. Type a clear closing statement

After you’ve answered the customer questions or pointed them in the right direction, guide them to closure. A statement as straightforward as you getting up and walking a guest to your front door when it’s time for them to leave. “I’m so happy I could help you with this, Lauren! Do you have any other questions or concerns I can help you with before we disconnect?” That’s friendly, and it’s clear.

Four. Finally, I want you to Tell customers to disconnect.

Great, Lauren! Have a fantastic afternoon. Please hit the “X” or “Disconnect” at the top right corner of your screen. Thanks again!”

I promise you, these actionable steps will move your chats along faster and guide customers to a quick disconnect. Make sure you don’t skip steps three and four – typing a clear closing statement and asking customers to disconnect.

Grab the 4 Keys to Moving Chat to Closure Cheat Sheet and use it with the video to train you team!

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