2 Ideas for Making Chat Friendly

How a chat agent impressed me, and how your agents can do the same with your customers

Last week I had an inspiring chat discussion with my new auto insurance company.

I loved that the chat agent was knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. And that I hadn’t reached a useless chatbot telling me what the robot could not do.

Two things stand out from my chat interaction, though the entire discussion was 5-star.

One. The Agent Wrote in a Friendly Tone

When we discovered the hiccup I experienced was because I mistyped my son’s birthday on the application, the Agent honored my human tendency for mistakes and wrote,

“It’s ok. It happens to me all of the time.”

The entire discussion was friendly and natural, like the above sentence.

Two. The Agent kept me updated during extended hold periods, typing out these helpful check-ins:

“This will just take a moment while I update his name to see if I can run a Motor Vehicle Report.” 

After several more minutes, she keyed:

“I appreciate your patience; this may take another minute or so.” 

To keep me apprised, she explained, 

“We are still trying to run a Motor Vehicle Report. This may take a few moments.”

And later, 

“Thank you for holding.”

My Agent spoke with friendliness and didn’t leave me frustrated in dead-air space – the same practices that make for a delightful telephone customer experience—mastering the chat support experience is easy when you approach the interaction like you would a phone call.

Does your chat support need work?

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