Costco Jason’s Response Makes Perfect Sense

I watched the viral video of former child star, Ricky Schroeder confronting a Costco worker, Jason, about the store’s mask mandate.

My first thought was my daughter, Lauren. Lauren worked in the mall here in Tulsa when she was home from college during the early days of the Pandemic. Often, Lauren was the greeter for her store. Like Jason from Costco.

Lauren has told me that people have snatched her offer of a mask out of her hand. Many have thrown the covering in my daughter’s face. She’s been cussed at and berated. 

My second thought after watching Jason in Schroeder’s video was of the hundreds of thousands of frontline workers who are in the same position as Jason. Enforcing a mask policy when the face-coverings have been politicized and when the rules and recommendations for masks are confusing has to be hard.

Jason from Costco was calm, confident, and composed. I hope Costco management is proud of him. I know I am.

In one of my de-escalation workshops, I asked my students to create a list of their best responses to customers who went too far with language. With the group’s permission, I put together a 60-second video featuring their comebacks for the customer who cusses. These comebacks can be easily adapted to other challenging situations, like when the customer yells, disputes a policy, or keeps cutting you off.

Watch the video below to get 7 Comebacks for the Customer Who Cusses At You.