How do I assist a customer I suspect is dealing with mental illness?

I facilitated five live digital De-escalation workshops last week. A student in one of my sessions spoke up during Q & A:

“I have a question for Ms. Myra Golden. “How would we be able to handle a situation when we know or suspect that members are dealing with mental health?”

Learners in my De-escalation Academy ask this question a lot. So often that I recorded an answer in a short video.

If you suspect you’re dealing with a person with mental illness, my two-minute video may help.

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“The meanness of the public has forced many public-facing industries to rethink what used to be an article of faith: that the customer is always right. If employees are now having to take on many unexpected roles—therapists, cop, conflict-resolution negotiator—then workplace managers are acting as security guards and bouncers to protect their employees.” 

The New York Times said that.

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