Are you a CX Champ or Chump?

We all know a few customer experience Chumps—they talk a big game but don’t actually deliver on excellent customer experience. On the other hand, CX Champs understand that customer experience is a team sport and takes a lot of different elements. 

At GetFeedback’s 2021 virtual event, The CX Impact Summit, customer experience experts Myra Golden and Jeannie Walters played the CX maturity game: Champ or Chump to demonstrate the different levels of maturity in CX programs. 

Customer experience Champs lead by defining success and taking the proper steps to measure and improve it at every stage in the customer journey. On the other hand, Chumps have little insight into vital CX metrics, creating interdepartmental silos and a disjointed customer experience. 

Continue reading or watch my session with Jeannie Walters to see how you can become a CX Champ.