9 Highly-Effective Tips to Politely Control Difficult Customer Calls – with Myra Golden

Customer service calls can sometimes get out of control, especially in difficult situations when customers don’t immediately get their way. Unchecked, these upset and overly talkative customers can dominate the conversation, prolong the call, and take away employees’ time and energy from serving other customers and completing more valuable tasks.

In these situations, utilizing practical call-control strategies can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your contact center team.

*Free Webinar, Wednesday, November 16 at 2 pm EST*

Join me for a special 60-minute webinar to learn why customer calls get out of hand and nine simple, actionable techniques to help your agents get and keep their calls under control.

‍In the webinar, I will share how to:‍

  • Teach agents to use a limited response
  • Control calls with close-ended questions
  • Practice proactive call management
  • Assert your way out of a bad conversation
  • Turn long, problematic calls into polite and efficient interactions
  • Plus, time for live Q&A with me

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