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4 Easy Steps to Designing the Very Best Chat Experience, So Your Agents Can Handle Chat Twice As Fast, With Half the Effort

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Companies ask me all of the time for help with their chat experience.

One of the things I do in my practice is to write chat pre-scripted shortcuts for my clients. My work usually starts with me reviewing a broad cross-section of chat interactions for the company, and that is where I decide to throw out all rote, lengthy and un-friendly chat shortcuts.

Then, I custom create a chat flow and pre-scripted phrases that reflect the brand’s voice. Once I get the brand voice down, my chat strategy follows 4 steps.

The 4 steps ensure that the chat experience is friendly, personalized, reduce customer effort and moves the chat to a positive closure.

In a very special webinar, I am going to reveal how you can revamp your own chat experience so your agents can handle chat twice as fast, with half the effort. You can do that using my proven, straightforward strategy.

Join my webinar, where you and your team can look at actual chat transcripts, to learn exactly how to make personal emotional connections, make customers feel completely taken care of and leave customers saying, “Wow!”

After exploring great chat examples with you, I will reveal my 4-point blueprint for delivering the best possible chat experience. I designed these steps to save you time in getting your chat experience to be the best it can possibly be.

Step 1: Establish Rapport

Get the chat started off right with an upbeat tone and by creating rapport like QVC did with me in this example

QVC Chat

  • How to quickly build rapport with empathy and acknowledgment.
  • How using personal pronouns instantly helps you sound more personable in emails.
  • How to sound warm, conversational and friendly when you have to ask the customer several questions.

Step 2: Save Time with Successful Shortcuts

Your agents can deliver an excellent chat experience twice as fast, in half the time with proactively prepared scripts!

  • 4 Great phrases that you can customize- to help your agents quickly establish rapport in the first sentences of chat.
  • Short phrases your agents need to use when they don’t immediately have the answer. (You’ll customize these phrases, of course.)
  • Ready-To-Use Phrases that you will love, phrases to help your agents drive chat to a positive closure.
  • !Important! How to find the right balance between free form and pre-scripted responses for the most personalized chat experience.

Step 3: Reduce Customer Effort

Craft a Chat Experience That Reduces Customer Effort

  • How “standing by” while the customer completes an order or application can make a tremendous impact on the customer’s satisfaction and reduce the customer’s effort – while requiring minimal effort on your Reps’ part.
  • How your agents should respond when they can’t honor the customer’s request so that they are friendly, helpful and keep the conversation moving forward.
  • Quickly identify obstacles and bottleneck steps to a great chat experience – and remove them.

Step 4: Make Customers Feel Completely Taken Care of

The Man in the Desert Approach to Making Chat Customers Feel Completely Taken Care of (The man in the desert analogy will make sense when you join in.)

  • The importance of keeping customers apprised while Reps are searching for information…and exactly how to keep customers updated. NEVER make the customer have to type, “Are you still there?”
  • Take every step possible to reduce customer effort during the chat experience….be brief, clear and swift.
  • When the chat request is beyond the scope of the chat Rep: Verbiage that makes the customer feel taken care of and also makes the chat Rep sound knowledgeable and helpful.
  • The chat opening sets the tone, but the closing is what leaves the overall impression and supports the corporate brand. I’ll show you exactly how to close a chat session in such a way that the customer feels taken care of.

4 Easy Steps to Designing the Very Best Chat Experience, So Your Agents Can Handle Chat Twice As Fast, With Half the Effort includes this particular bonus!

My video, “Key Metrics for the Chat Experience,” so you can measure performance and coach your agents to deliver the best possible chat customer experience.

15 Take Aways From “4 Easy Steps to Designing the Very Best Chat Experience, So Your Agents Can Handle Chat Twice As Fast, With Half the Effort”

  1. Terrific chat examples from Zappos,, QVC, Nordstrom and more.
  2. The 4 big mistakes poor chat agents consistently make.
  3. How to use short and to-the-point answers to progress the chat – without sacrificing service quality.
  4. The critical importance of carefully reading and responding to customer questions. Warning: Failure to do this will ruin the entire chat experience.
  5. Please tell me your agents don’t use canned responses that don’t even address the customers’ questions! If they do, you’ll stop them after this event.
  6. The secret to constructing clear sentences.
  7. How to prepare your agents to use a tone that reflects your brand image.
  8. Be brief and to the point. I’ll give you the formula for limiting the number of words per sentence so that you don’t confuse the customer.
  9. Two super easy tips for personalizing chat conversations.
  10. It’s okay to use fragments occasionally in chat discussions. I’ll show you when it’s appropriate and when it’s not appropriate.
  11. The 4 things I want you to focus on when you train your agents for online chat customer service.
  12. How to effectively and quickly close the chat conversation.
  13. How to write in clear language in chat.
  14. Techniques to help you reduce customer effort in chat.
  15. Discover the number one reason customers drop the chat discussion in midstream.

4 Easy Steps to Designing the Very Best Chat Experience, So Your Agents Can Handle Chat Twice As Fast, With Half the Effort

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