4 Keys to the Best Chat Experience – Online Training

Online Chat Customer Service Training – 17 minutes, includes knowledge checks

This training is about how to deliver the best possible customer experience in chat interactions. Your employees learn everything from grammar in chat, to how to use the right language to build rapport, to how to deliver bad news in a chat.

The outcome of this training is agents who can serve customers in chat in a way that is friendly, grammatically excellent, and to handle issues in a single chat interaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use the right language to build rapport and sound personable
  • The importance of writing in short sentences and why you must always write in COMPLETE sentences
  • Why you can only bring up one issue per chat message
  • Precisely what it takes to make customers feel taken care of in a chat
  • How to give customers lousy news in a chat

10 Licenses for Chat Training – 199 USD