Adding Users to Your New ELearning

How do I add users to my eLearning account?

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Note On User Count

All eLearning accounts will see a username “MGolden.” This is our default Super Administrator account. “MGolden” does not count against your number of allowed users. So, if you have an account with 100 users, MGOLDEN does not count. You still have all 100 of your user slots.

We keep the SuperAdmin account so our people can quickly login to troubleshoot any issues you may experience.

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Removing/Deleting Users

Removing Users

Removing users is done in three clicks. To delete a user from your eLearning portal:

  1. Click on the User’s name
  2. On the “Info” tab, move your mouse to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and click “MORE.”
  3. Select the third option under “MORE,” which is “Delete.”

Free Online Tutorial for All eLearning Customers

We find that a 30-minute online demonstration of your new eLearning helps you quickly learn how to setup users, add a logo, pick courses, understand report creation and get going with your new training. We are always happy to do this for our clients. Schedule your meeting right here. Whenever possible, Myra personally joins in these demonstration meetings. 🙂