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Myra is a favorite training partner to Fortune 500 companies with her customized, engaging, behavior-changing (and fun) customer service workshops, working with McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Michelin, Vera Bradley and other brands.

How Should You Handle a Customer Complaint Over Email? Here Are 7 Tips To Get You Started.

 “Hi Myra. What advice can you share about best practices for responding to a customer’s complaint over email?” –Albert Myra’s Answer Hi Albert. Every email that goes out from your customer service team has your company’s […]

How to Completely Restore Customer Confidence After Things Go Wrong 

7 Crucial Elements of Service Recovery Yesterday afternoon I dropped off a prescription for my daughter at my neighborhood pharmacy. I had some errands to run and I told the pharmacy cashier I’d be back […]

Growth In Any Economy

  The Easiest Way to Achieve Growth is to Slow the Loss of Your Existing Customers Every year, the average company loses 20 to 40 percent of its customers. Service failures and an inability to […]

How to Get to the Root Cause of Any Problem By Asking Why 5 Times

  A decade or so ago I discovered a problem-solving technique that makes me look like a “rock-star” with my clients. The technique is so simple a 4-year old can do it; it always works, […]

Four Ways Your Business Needs to Be Using FaceBook

    While “Tweeting”, FaceBook, and blogging are as familiar as an old-shoe to millions of consumers, most business leaders don’t understand how to harness the power of social media for business advantage. I want […]

212 Degrees

I lead my daughter’s Brownie Scout troop and I recently conducted a science experiment with my group of 13 second grade girls to demonstrate the power of making one small degree of change. We put […]

Are Your Reps Making Any of These Mistakes In Consumer Email Responses?

    An estimated 11 billion emails are sent everyday worldwide. If your Customer Service Department receives 100 emails a day and each one takes an average of 10 minutes to deal with, that’s more […]

How to Get Any Angry Customer to Back Down

  Imagine your next phone call is from an angry, irate customer, and you’ve only got a few seconds to gain control. Are you 100% confident you can handle it? If not, you’re not alone. […]

The Moment of Truth

  Every customer contact is a Moment of Truth that creates a Moment of Misery, a Moment of Mediocrity, or a Moment of WOW. In the Moment of Truth you can create customers for LIFE […]