Bako Pathology Follow-up Training Resources

Thank you for choosing me for your onsite customer service training. I loved every minute of my time with you! Everyone was so fully engaged, and every comment helped add value to the day.

I’m sharing with you resources from the training that you can use as you wish. You have here a copy of the slides I used, your handouts, and the YouTube video clips I shared.

Remember, if you are passionately engaged with every customer on every phone call, you’ll instinctively listen better, deliver a friendly interaction, and you’ll naturally know what do in every situation.

I hope I inspired you all as much as you inspired me!



The slides I used in your February 3, 2018, training

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Your Handouts

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Videos I Showed In Your Training

United Breaks Guitars

Patients: “Afraid and Vulnerable” 


Five Easy Pieces Diner Scene


Much success!