Call Control Using Conversational Aikido On-Demand Video Training

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Find out how to take control of calls, politely get long-winded callers to cut to the chase and get the angry customer to stop talking and listen to you—even if you’ve ALWAYS struggled with controlling calls with ramblers, never felt assertive enough to wrap up calls with really talkative customers or you just don’t know how to jump in the driver’s seat with challenging callers.

I promise, after just one 60-minute session of CONVERSATIONAL AIKIDO, you will be amazed at your ability to politely get ramblers, storytellers and chatty-Cathys to cut the chase.

Controlling calls CONVERSATIONAL AIKIDO style is CLEAR, CONCISE, and geared to give you QUICK RESULTS that will shave seconds, if not minutes, off of your talk time and have you feeling great about your new conversational skill.

Conversational Aikido emphasizes assertiveness, maintaining control and harmony – all directly applicable principles for politely getting the long-winded caller to the cut to the chase while delivering a great customer experience.

In CONVERSATIONAL AIKIDO I reveal secrets like:

  • My step-by-step “Conversational Aikido” method to start taking control of calls beginning with your NEXT phone call.
  • The most important secret to controlling calls – in such a way that is both effective and polite.
  • The 2 call control techniques a customer service representative cannot do without.
  • The best way to interject into a storyteller’s monologue without coming across as rude.
  • The most important secret to getting a person to stop talking and listen to you.
  • The indispensable secret to actually getting customers to talk less and listen more.
  • Grab and flip…how to use the “Topic Grab” technique to take a caller’s rambling chatter and quickly flip it into focused forward-moving conversation.
  • Take control of any conversation in 6 seconds flat….a surprisingly simple 3-step technique you will love.
  • How to use psychology to move your customer from the talkative right-brain to a calmer left-brain position.
  • How to deal with a confused or frustrated caller – so that you can move the call to closure.

… so you can politely control conversations like a true pro, even if you’ve always struggled with call control!

Call Control Using Conversational Aikido

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