Choose your battles wisely – Conflict Resolution Training for Managers

  For Jack Cooper University, I produced a ten-week conflict resolution training. I loved every minute of this interactive training project! Download the cheat sheet I talk about in the video. Learn about my customized […]

6 Ways to Boss Customer Service Calls

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How to Get a Customer to Stop Over-Talking You & MORE Questions!

Questions One 1:48: Hi! Myra, what if the customer doesn’t want to hear sorry because they already heard those words multiple times? Question Two 3:38: I would like to know the best ways to reduce […]

A Mask Mandate Is Not An Excuse For Your Disrespect

One of my sisters is a flight attendant. Yesterday we talked about her enforcing mask requirements on her flights. With the CDC’s recommendation, I knew that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks outdoors or […]

Costco Jason’s Response Makes Perfect Sense

I watched the viral video of former child star, Ricky Schroeder confronting a Costco worker, Jason, about the store’s mask mandate. My first thought was my daughter, Lauren. Lauren worked in the mall here in […]

How It Feels to Have to Carry Out a Mask Policy

Q “I work in public transportation, and we still have strict mask requirements. I’ve had customers snatch the complimentary mask out of my hand and throw it on the floor. A woman flipped me off […]

Gain the Confidence to Get Angry Customers to Back Down

De-escalation Academy is the only training for customer service that not only shows your employees how to redirect verbal aggression and regain control of interactions – but how to get customers to accept their word […]