Call Control Training Kit


Everything You Need to Equip Your Employees to Politely and Effectively Get Long Winded Callers to Cut to the Chase 

Get your training materials now and equip your employees to position your team to control calls more effectively

Here’s what’s included:

  • 8 pre-written training modules
  • Reproducible comprehensive participant workbook that drives home key points and serves as a reference point long after the training is over.
  • High-impact PowerPoint presentation that you can use as is or customize with your logo and specific examples.
  • Detailed trainer’s notes to help you quickly get ready to train.
  • Supplemental worksheets that assure employees have a solid grasp on key points.
  • Certificate for a free consultation with Myra Golden – Consult with Myra about the philosophy, objectives or delivery of this training program before you deliver it!
  • Delivered digitally so that you’ll have this entire training system at your finger tips in minutes!
  • Howto Hints on delivering a measurably effective training.


Call Control Strategies: Polite and Easy Ways to Get Ramblers, Whiners, and Storytellers to Cut to the Chase

Research shows that the average business call lasts 2 minutes longer than it needs to. Myra will teach your employees a strategy for politely and effectively controlling conversations while at the same time delivering an amazing customer experience.

Course Outline:

  • Why longer than necessary calls are a problem…the impact of inefficiency on customer satisfaction and the bottom line.
  • 5 common reasons calls get beyond our control…your employees will identify their biggest challenge and focus on this area during the training.
  • Grab and flip…How to use the “Topic Grab” technique to take a customer’s rambling chatter and quickly flip it into a constructive conversation.
  • How to get a customer to stop talking and listen to you…a surprisingly simple 3-step technique that you will love!
  • Gain control of long-winded conversations using “I can” statements.
  • PLUS: Using psychology to move your customer from their talkative right-brain to a calmer left-brain position.
  • Goal setting…this module concludes with your employees setting a goal for reducing their own average talk time by 45-60 seconds.

View a sample training module from this course:

Call Control Demo Module

Module Listing

MODULE 1: Introduction & Icebreaker

MODULE 2: Why Lengthy Calls Are a Problem

MODULE 3: Why Calls Get Beyond Our Control

MODULE 4: Call Control Technique #1: The Topic Gab Approach


MODULE 5: Call Control Technique #2: Ask 3 Closed-ended Questions Back-to-Back

MODULE 6: Call Control Techniques 3 – 7

MODULE 7: Call Control Techniques 8-10

MODULE 8: Action Commitment and Close


All Kits Use Myra’s Proven Engagement Method, as Described In the Video Below

View a sample training module from this course:

Call Control Demo Module

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