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Try Standing Like Wonder Woman For 2 Minutes Before Talking To An Employee About a Problem – You’ll Feel More Confident and Powerful


If you go to a restroom stall and stand with your hands on your hips and point your elbows outward and hold that position for two minutes, you’ll perform very well in stressful situations. Like when you talk to an employee about a performance problem, or when you go into a big meeting without all the answers you need.

Sounds crazy, I know.

We go live with scene one in less than seven minutes. The room is bright as day with all of the studio lights. Props to create our mock optometry office make me feel crowded in the tiny set made even smaller by the intimidating presence of my director and producer, and the production assistant.

But I’m as calm as a bathtub.

I’m looking down the barrel of the camera with my hands on my hips; elbows bowed outward. I’m standing like Wonder Woman. And this is why I’m entirely at ease.


Research Says Standing Like Wonder Woman For 2 Minutes Helps You Handle Stressful Situations Very Well (Like job interviews, talking about a tough problem, etc.)

In her body language studies, Harvard Business School professor, Amy Cuddy, made some astonishing findings. When people stand akimbo, like Super Man or Wonder Woman for 120 seconds, they feel more powerful.

Cuddy’s research showed that when people stand with their hands on their hips with elbows turned outward, they get these benefits: