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3 Bold Ideas to Help You Screen and Hire The Right Talent for Your Culture (And weed out employees who don’t fit)

Companies with a defined and strong culture outperform their competitors by as much as 200%. Culture is what positions companies to innovate, deliver an exceptional customer experience and become an employer of choice. Company culture […]

The Top 10 Things That Matter to Contact Center Representatives

 What matters most to call center agents?   According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the top 10 things that matter are: 1.    Good wages 2.    Job security 3.    Promotion and growth in the company 4.    […]

How much does agent turnover cost a call center?

Q. One of our top challenges in my call center is agent turnover. Do you have any statistics on the cost of agent turnover on the call center or the company? Myra’s answer How much […]

How can we reduce call center agent turnover?

Looking for realistic tips for reducing agent turnover in a large call center. Myra’s answer How can we reduce call center agent turnover? Seven practices have been identified to reduce agent turnover. Turning Managers into […]

What factors impact turnover for call center agents?

Q. We are experiencing turnover levels of nearly 300% and we’re at our wits end about what to do. We’re attempting to start by identifying what factors lead to turnover with call center agents. Can […]